Vince Chapple spent most of his years in Canada before returning with his young family to the UK and setting up in Cornwall. The son of a keen photographer, Vince became accustomed to the camera from an early age. After studying at the Western Academy of Photography in British Columbia, his studies carried on into Computer Science, to which he became an Oracle DBA for the Canadian Government. After yearning to go back to the creative side of things, he uprooted his family and moved to a small village in Cornwall.
    For the past few years, he has been a comercial photographer. However, he felt the need to find a different path in photography, deciding to take a Foundation Degree in Photography and follow it with a BA (Hons) in Applied Media. The foundation degree opened up a new way of thinking, moving his focus into documentary photography. The concept for The Moth Collector evolved after doing a couple’s photo shoot as he realized what a raw jewel he had discovered with this particular couple and their complex family life. He invited himself into their world to capture the life they lead, unedited, tender, unrehearsed and unapologetic. His pictures capture a middle class, small village family as they cope with the everyday demands of living. Further investigation into documentary photography lead him into filming and photo documenting transvestites in Plymouth and Malaga.

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    Literary Reviews   Mullen, Leslie Truth in Photography: Perception, Myth and Reality in the Postmodern World,

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    Godrevy Statement of Purpose The key purpose of my project is to highlight the natural beauty of our coastline and the